Thank you for acquiring a Vodafone SODAQ IoT Starter Kit. Watch the below tutorials for an introduction:

If you prefer to get started straight away, follow the below steps:

  • Please connect the antenna, OLED display, temperature sensor and battery as depicted in the video above.
  • You should see the OLED display light up and showing the Vodafone logo, indicating that the board is starting up.
  • Next it shows that you should connect the temperature sensor, which you have done already.
  • The GPS is off by default.
  • Every 5 minutes a new temperature reading is done and is sent to the dashboard via the Vodafone’s NB-IoT network.
    Alternatively, you can trigger sending another message by slightly tilting the board. You can only do this 10 seconds after the previous message. Once the blue light is off you can trigger another message.

    To change the sensor, press the reset button and hold the board upside down. Every 10 seconds a new sensor name is displayed.
    The final sensor is the GPS. After selecting your sensor, please turn the board upside down again until the “Switch GPS on” message.
    When you turn the board back the GPS will be on as well as the sensor you selected. To get your first GPS position, please take the board outside, to get a proper GPS signal.

    Press reset to reinitialize and run through the sensors to select the sensor you would like to use alongside the GPS.

    All the data that is uploaded will be displayed in the account on the AllThingsTalk Maker Platform, where you can also track the battery voltage of your device. It is possible to recharge the battery by connecting the solar panel and placing it in the sun, or by connecting it to your laptop/charger over USB. The battery voltage can range from 3600mV to 4200mV, whereby a low voltage battery recharge will be required below 3700mV.